I am a historian of Latin America, currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Michigan's Joint Ph.D. Program in Women's Studies and History.  My program's interdisciplinary training allows me to combine my passion for historical research and writing with my interests in gender as a tool for conceptual exploration.

Such training has been instrumental in helping me conceive my work around the importance of reconstructing narratives that uncover historical actors absent in official accounts, address the complexity of their actions and relationships with a critical eye, and add a different analytical dimension to the literature.

Outside of my academic work, I have a passion for traveling, cycling, the visual arts, and social justice issues. One random fact about me is that as of 2013, I have spent half of my life in Colombia (where I was born) and the other half in the U.S. (where I've been a fortunate immigrant.)

Photograph by Christian Vidal at the UTP Hummingbird Observatory.