Ángela is a doctoral candidate at The University of Michigan's joint Program in Women's Studies and History. Currently, her research interests focus on the subtle (and not-so-subtle) ways gender and patriarchy shaped social relations of power during the wars of independence in early nineteenth-century Colombia. 

Her interdisciplinary training allows her to reconstruct narratives that uncover actors absent from official historical accounts; address the complexity of their actions and relationships through a gender lens; and advance scholarly conversations by adding a different analytical perspective.

A first-generation student, Ángela earned a MA and BA in History from The University of Michigan and The City College of New York, respectively. She is also an alumna of The International High School in Queens, NYC, where she was part of an early college initiative called the Excel Program.

She comes from an immigrant family living between Jackson Heights, NYC and Pereira, Colombia. Lately, she draws inspiration from the work of poet and educator Clint Smith, the music of Bomba Estéreo, and the success of her favorite professional cyclists.